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Subject: School Project ( 1 of 4 )
Posted by Matt W.

Dear Mr. Adams,

Hello, my name is Matt Widom and I'm doing a project on Starship Titanic for my 10th grade English class. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to answer a couple of questions for me regarding Starship Titanic.

1.) How'd you come up with the whole idea, I mean while you were writing L,U&E.

2.) When Mr. Jones wrote the novel, did you plan out that as well or did Mr. Jones create that plot? (I ask this because, as you know, there are differences btwn the game and the novel.)


3.) You don't have to answer this but, Is there a film version being planned? (Don't answer if this is a bad time to ask, what with the "rumored" delays in HHGG and the rumored Dirk Gently flick, it's just part of my project.)

Thanks so much I really appreciate this.

Please respond as soon as you can and e-mail me at

Again thank you very much,

Matt Widom

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