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Subject: Dr. Snuggles v. Creationism ( 1 of 3 )
Posted by Charles

Dear whoever actually does the sifting of this inundation of postings (presumably NOT
DNA,but who knows?),

(alright , yes obviously YOU know who you are, but I do not, either way Hello, and you're
doing a bang-up job. Keep at it!)

I have just been reading 'Don't Panic!" the Neil Gaiman book about Hitchhiker's and he
mentioned (I'm sure he mentioned it, I haven't gone back to check it because its in the
other room and going to get it quite frankly just smacks of Effort) that DNA was the co-
creator of the character of Dr. Snuggles. I've just visited the 'Official' Dr. Snuggles site
"" where a man by the name of Jeffrey O'Kelly is
claiming to be the Maker of Dr. Snuggles. (Rare to find someone as obnoxious in his
writings as Mr. O'Kelly, who seems to feel that the world owes him homage for creating
what he obviously feels is THE definitive children's character--Sorry. He slurred the
Barbapapas though; no quarter asked, none given.)

Basically, did Mr. Gaiman get it wrong? Did I read it wrong? Anyone have any info for
me that might clarify this particular butter?

With sincerest apologies, and deepest thanks for whatever brief consideration you
may choose to give this, I remain:


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