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Subject: Paul Simon Dedication ( 1 of 5 )
Posted by Alistair Lyons


I was listening to Paul Simon's 'One-Trick Pony' last weekend. It made me think of the dedication at the front of one of your books along the lines of, "...& to Paul Simon, five years is far too long". However, when I went to look in my copies of the HHG books, I could find no such dedication. The phrase, "five years is far too long" has always stuck with me (or "eleven years is far too long" in Randy Newman's case). Have I just imagined this, or confused it with something else? I've associated this phrase with you for nearly twenty years. OTP was released in 1980, so I guess that the book would have been LTU&E. It wouldn't have been another author, as I was in my early teens & yours were the only books I read at the time. I ended up waiting so long between books that I started finding other authors to pass the time & thus began a lifelong reading habit.

Do you remember ever saying or writing this phrase?

Please take this final comment in the spirit in which it is intended. But as a wise man once said, on the subject of books, as well as of records, remember, five years is FAR TOO LONG.

Thank you
Alistair Lyons

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