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Subject: Urgent! Where was the pub/house in the TV series located? ( 1 of 6 )
Posted by Scott Rutherford

I know this information is out there... somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. I am a US-based Hitchhikers' fan of more years than I care to recall at this moment, and have the opportunity to spend a few days kicking somewhat aimlessly around the UK. Quite naturally I would like to have a pint at the pub used in the TV series (which I believe had a Douglas Adams cameo in the background? It's rather hard to tell after the PAL-NTSC conversion has muddled the picture).

Can anyone tell me where this pub is located?

Please send info. to me directly at -- as I'm leaving soon and am not sure about web access!



ps. You're correct if you've guessed that "froopy" is a combination of "hoopy" and "frood" -- I'd like to see "froopy" supercede "groovy" in general usage. Who's to say...

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