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Subject: where the mind and the universe connect... ( 1 of 8 )
Posted by Holk

Hi Douglas & whoever reads this,

Do you remember offhand where you wrote something like "computers aren't clumsy boxes, computers are interfaces where the mind and the universe connect to move bits and pieces of it about."? Do you know which book that's from or how I could find out?
I'm looking for the quote, but I don't know where you wrote it and what the original wording is, I am pulling this from the depths of my limited memory. It's probably in the first three books of the Hitchhiker Trilogy. I don't have my guide here in the states. I checked all pages listed in the mfaq and spent a couple of hours at the local bookstore; no good. I'm working on emotion detection in speech and voice interfaces for computers and would like to put your phrase in my thesis 'coz it really hits the nail on the head; it would be a big help if you knew it.



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