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Subject: The best of all possible galaxies... ( 1 of 10 )
Posted by Jennifer

Last year, I did an English Literature course in high school, and although I didn't like most of the assigned readings, I really enjoyed reading 'Candide' by Voltaire. Having read The Hitchhiker's Trilogy several times previous to reading 'Candide', I noticed a few similarities.

Just like Arthur Dent, Candide travels all over the place, having one amazingly weird experience after another, and he just seems to accept everything that happens to him.

I could go on and on, but I would like to ask just one quick question of Mr. Adams... Have you ever read Candide, and if so, did it influence or inspire your writing in any way?

...or is it all merely coincidence?

...or am I the only one who even sees any similarities between the two?

It's just something I've been wondering for a while.


(p.s. It's too bad time travel isn't possible - I think DNA could teach Voltaire a thing or two about writing.)

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