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Subject: hitch hikers guide to the future ( 1 of 10 )
Posted by sarah mc

Wow! I've just listened to your new radio show and it's great! But here's a little fact - did you realise you were encouraging us to embrace new technology by trying to figure out how the hell we can set our radios to record something on at 11 AM!!!!

I'm only fourteen and I really wanted to hear it, consequently, I fiddled around with my big brothers radio, worked out HOW to set it, went to school, worried all day that it didn't record and finally heard it at five past eight PM.

So could you try and use your BBC insider connections to set it to a more managable slot. No, not six AM, a nice, comfortable evening slot. Thanks!

PS: where can I get hold of that err "entertaining" piece of music with the posh bloke talking about the music and no singing?

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