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Subject: To Mr. Adams... ( 1 of 7 )
Posted by Not a half-wit

I read your interview regarding atheism, and if you haven't already read it, I thought you might be interested in checking out a particular book - if you even have the time to read these days!

It's something I found on and it is called:

Pagan & Christian Creeds: Their Origin and Meaning

It was written in 1918 by a fellow named Edward Carpenter and it takes an extremely objective approach to religious evolution, accompanied by a good dose of cynical British wit and modernist altruism. Not only that, but it goes further to show the numerous connections between christian practices and ancient or not-so-ancient pagan practices. The author shows how most of the religious world would be better off taking part in the sort of pagan customs attributed to human history rather than the sort of watered down christianity which appears to be more political than anything else.

Not only that, but it really allows for an interesting perspective. After reading so much on pagan customs, I find it beyond believable that so many christians celebrate christmas here in America, fancy it up with fake spiritual motives, turn it into an excuse to amass unthinkable commercial profits, yet hold it in high, sacred regard despite the fact that December 25th happens to be one of the most common dates for the celebration of most other pagan deities (Dionysus, Osiris, Attis, Mithra). In fact, the meaning of these celebrations is the birth of said pagan deities and the adorning of a pine tree was, for example, practiced in North Syria in reverence to the god Attis.

In closing, it is this sort of thing which goes to show how, contrary to the portrayal by advertising and media of our age as being modern and enlightened, we have barely begun to crawl out of the depths of confusion and, in many ways, the majority seems to know less than it did before.

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