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Subject: You on TV and late night thoughts ( 1 of 7 )
Posted by Anna

Wow! these message posting rooms are really amazing.

Anyhow, I saw you on Newsnight a few days ago, which was a great coincidence because I was only watching Tv because Id lost my locker keys during an armed robbery (I was just watching, not actually robbing!) and in my locker was one of your books, with 30 pages left to read, but without my keys I couldnt get my book, so i watched TV instead, and there you were.

i liked your attitude about our instustainability on the planet, and all the rest of it.things which i think of at night but feel rather embarrased to rabble on about during the day, so Well done. It would be great to get people , as you said , enthusiastic about that sort of stuff, and I would like to hear from you if you have ideas and stuff, if you have time for that sort of thing in Santa Barbara, where ,again coincidently, I am going to live next year. A sign, all these coincides i thought, which is why i found one of these amazing discussion rooms, all about you. you must be pleased

Happy holidays

enough from me, Anna

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