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Subject: Dirk ,Ford new books a hello and Fred Ward trivia...but not much ( 1 of 22 )
Posted by gekko

Hello everybody! Well..its like this. I wrote several drafts of this introduction. Started out very stylish and witty and most of all ...long. I wittled and carved and pinched and folded. I compressed, reduced and boiled it down. Still too damn long. Finally i just chopped it up into tiny bits poured chili sauce all over and microwaved it til my dog wouldn't come in the house anymore. When i took the lid off, this is what i was left with.

I avoid internet forums like it was a hobby. I live a post free life. I Hate!!! chat rooms. From experience i have learned to enjoy my loves like a tourist with raging halitosis...always alone. But tonight is different. I have stumbled upon you. I read extensively through your posts and an amazing thing happened. I wasn't even the least bit frightened! You even seem almost interested in Douglas Adams. I don't think i have ever run into a forum that actually talked at length about its subject. I am intrigued. I'll stay awhile i think and open up my head and let all the fish out. So here we go.

Something i wanted to comment on. Ford Prefect. Whoever plays him has to look ALIEN. They would have to look very odd in some subtle way. So i can understand the mention of Nic Cage. Even better(in my eye) would be Jeff Goldblum. Alot of people call him handsome. I think they are confused. He is interesting looking. You are drawn to look at him. He's almost spooky. I think most people misinterpret these attractions as Handsome but in truth he's just really weird looking. Go watch some of his movies with this in mind and watch his mannerisms and facial expressions. He's very odd. I think more than enough has been said about Arthur so i won't bother anyone with my views on him. On to Dirk Gently. I really feel strongly about this one. I think there is only one actor to play Dirk. Oliver Platt. There is no one else. Just Oliver.
Next up...Does anyone else out there truly feel that Douglas Adams next book should come when he is damn well good and ready. And that it should be about whatever he damn well wants it to be about. If you know much about his writing and his career and about him in general then you know he is very poor with deadlines. I have always loved this about him. He takes his time. Quite alot of it actually. He may even take someone elses time. It seems like an awful lot of it for it all to belong to one person. But it works. I ask you this. Could you handle getting a book from hime that was not quite there? That didn't quite make it all the way onto the shore? Or worse yet...that just sucked? I don't want that experience. That sounds truly hideous. That would be like watching a Red Dwarf episode and realising afterward that you never even cracked a smile. That just sounds awful. I feel all crawly.

This is something that i have wanted to know for quite some if you are out there Mr. Adams and you have made it this far, this is the bit i would really like you to answer. the sort of hat that Dirk Gently know the silly red one. What kind of hat is it? Have you ever seen one or did you invent it just for him? Could any of us, so inclined out here, find one anywhere? Always wanted to know that.

Now then...did you ever stop and think to yourself..."if you re-arrange the letters in Fred Ward's Name you can spell Red Dwarf"...

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