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Subject: Elvis, Zaphod & Mr. Adams ( 1 of 1 )
Posted by Churchill Hornstein

In a small sleazy bar on the far side of Trintragulon VI is a large pink spaceship somewhat resembling a 1960 Belaire. At least, on the outside it is sleazy. Inside, I am sure, there is one helluva party going on.
I shall miss Mr. Adams immensely, and hope he comes this way again sometime. Since i first heard "Hitchhiker" on the BBC in the Seventies, I must have read tham all a bajillion times. Not for the deep philosophical insight, but just so that I might regain a perspective that is often lost in the daily jumble - we do, after all, live on a small speck of dust on the far -flung outskirts of a rather ordinary galaxy. Perhaps we had better learn to appreciate what little time we have in such an unusual garden.
Thank you, Douglas Adams, for thirty years of laughs, images and of course, altered perspectives. My children and theirs will read your works, and your place in this sandwich factory is assured.

churchill bragaw hornstein
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