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Subject: mystifying paragraph in HHG Bk 1 ( 1 of 26 )
Posted by Jason

Dear Douglas,

For many years and many re-reads of the HHG series, I have continualy been mystified by a paragraph
in your first book which seems to me to have no connection to any part of the story in the whole 5 volumes,
and I want, er... NEED to know is it an editing error, or is there for some deep and little understood reason.

Its the last paragraph of Chapter 19 (p 106) in the 1979 Pan Edition, of the first book.

"A few minutes later he opened and closed the hatchway again
in response to a command that caught him entirely by surprise."

This is just after all the guys stpped out of the ship onto the surface of Magrathea. It refers to Eddie the shipboard

I hope you can set my mind to rest...


Jason from Brisbane, Australia


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