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Subject: Does Polly like to read the Harry Potter books? ( 1 of 22 )
Posted by Chris Casino

Mr. Adams, does your daughter Polly like J.K.
Rowling's Harry Potter novels? I'm curious because
it is becoming a movie, and I'm hoping that it doesn't
have to compete against Hitchhiker's. I joked about going up to my local theater and telling everybody it had
hammy performances and continuity errors and
several reels missing, but I wouldn't do that.
I've never read the Harry Potter books, but
admittedly, it sounds like I'd quite enjoy them.
I just don't want it to beat Hitchhiker's at the
box office. But for a reality check here, Harry
Potter is supposed to come out in 2001, and
Hitchhiker's is supposed to come out when?

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