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Subject: Slarty ( 11 of 13 )
Posted by Jon Nelson

THAT one's in the FAQ (and Neil Gaiman's _Don't Panic!_ - or was it the Original Radio Scripts?). Anyway, the name "Slartibartfast" came about during the character's introduction in the radio series. Douglas wanted a funny, vaugely rude-sounding name ... but (as these things happen) what turned out funny on paper was not so funny on radio. That is, if I remember correctly, his name was going to be "Phartifukblast" or something to that effect, which when written looks like an odd name - until one says it out loud. Sort of like saying Amanda Hugnkiss or Ben Dover. They're funny to read then think to oneself, "Oh! Ahahaha! Bend over! I get it!" But on the radio, a name like "Phartifukblast" sounds ... well, it sounds like "fart a fuck blast" which is just blatantly rude and besides annoys the censors :-). Especially when you don't see it written down first. It loses some of its humor. Hence the toned down "Slartibartfast". Hmmm. Speaking of losing humor, now that I've clinically analyzed this joke I think I have to agree with Douglas - it becomes less funny. Sorry about that.

Well, in hopes of salvaging some humor for the poor guy's name, my personal fave was when Arthur called him "Slarty" right after rescuing Trillian from Thor at the flying party. Heh! I can just see the poor man closing his eyes in silent suffering and great personal sacrifice for dealing with the name "Slarty" in addition to the full "Slartibartfast!" And also, may I just say that as a professional Engineer, the idea of a flying party has not COMPLETELY escaped some of our late-night imaginations? Good, then now's the time to invest in household armor and a chips-n-salsa supply firm. Hee hee hee!
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