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Subject: Re: 'Heart of Gold'. Inspired by 'Dark Star'? ( 5 of 13 )
Posted by Douglas Adams

No, it was inspired by an actual running shoe, in fact. That, plus the many illustrations I had seen by the artist Chris Foss, who we eventually used to do a running-shoe for the four-in-one jigsaw covers that ran for many years.

It's funny how eager people are to assume, when they see things that have some vague similarity in one book/movie/etc and another, that it must be the result of deliberate copying, as if there is an infinite number of wholly distinct ideas in the universe and it is absolutely inconceivable that two or more people might have come up with something similar to each other.

The really strange thing is how often I get accused of stealing something from that was published after what I wrote. It's just a function of the order in which the individual reader happened to read them. That and an inability to think straight.

I also sometimes get accused of 'stealing' from myself (if I salvage a good idea from an old or abandoned script). I must try that on my insurance company next time I move an item of furniture from one room to another.

The truth is that some people just love to be able to 'accuse' people of things. What sort of people? Well...

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