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Subject: Hotblack Desiato ( 7 of 13 )
Posted by Mike S.

Douglas said:
The really strange thing is how often I get accused of stealing something from that was published after what I wrote. It's just a function of the order in which the individual reader happened to read them. That and an inability to think straight.

Of course, there is that item that you mentioned in your "Live at the Almeida" reading (which I purchased on audio, I didn't realize that a video version was available until it showed up in your shop recently), regarding how you came to use the name Hotblack Desiato. I can't find the story in any of the FAQ's on the net, and I'd hate to paraphrase you, because you told it so well. Perhaps you might be so kind as to retell it here for the rest of the fans who haven't heard it before.

- Mike
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