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Subject: Cast for H2G2 ( 1 of 51 )
Posted by bobthegreat

so if you're like me, you're probably tired of all the wildly inaccurate guesses being thrown about as to who should star in the movie. well, get ready for mine. yes, these are still preposterous suggestions, but at least they're MY preposterous suggestions. let me apologize beforehand. being an american i haven't much knowledge on english actors, and those that i do know i am no fan of. i have read alot about hugh grant (moan) playing arthur dent. i suggest matthew broderick. this is where my lack of knowledge of british actors comes in. i suggest him only because he appears confusesd and dumbfounded (much like arthur) in everything he does. for ford prefect i nominate jim carrey. he's perfect (prefect?) and hopefully you all will agree. drew carey would make a delightful mr. prosser. i don't know if you brits are familiar with drew carey, but he is a popular television star in the states. the ever controversial debate over who should play trillian. i like the idea of sandra bullock, which i've heard tossed around this site frequently. but i've someone even better in mind. she played in the soap opera 'general hospital' as the love interest of that rich australian (?) guy. she died (the character, not the actress) about a year ago. her first name is vanessa, i think. if anyone out there knows who i'm talking about, please let me know. the way i see it zaphod should be two different actors, since he has two heads. what crazier and funnier duo then mike myers and dana carvey? the idea of the guide narrating the movie is perfectly hoopy. however, a woman doing it? that could be alright, but i think everyone is overlooking a very obvious choice: DNA! i know what you're all thinking: "bobthegreat, you're choices are the best we've ever seen. but tell us: who do you think should play prak, the man who can't stop telling the truth." well that's easy, kids. steve buscemi is obviously the man for the job. courtney cox, from tv's friends, should play fenchurch. as for max, the host at milliways, you need someone extravagent who can really grab the spotlight. i nominate john travolta, though i'm still not 100% happy about the idea. and last and probably least hotblack desiato. there are two english rock stars that could handle this chore very nicely: the cure's robert smith or keith richards of the rolling stones. that's my cast thus far. as soon as i decide who should portray slartibartfast, wonko the sane, prostetnic vogon jeltz and so on, i'll drop you all a line.

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