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Subject: Hung over in Basingstoke ( 1 of 3 )
Posted by Jim Bigmore

Can Mr. Adams/someone please tell me where he got the recording of the two Americans portraying "The tale of Gungadin". I heard a radio 4 programme called "It makes me laugh" which featured excerpts which he
found amusing. Unfortunately I share his sense of humour and laughed so much that I lost control of the car
I was driving (luckily very slowly in a traffic jam), drove slowly of the road, up a grass bank (in the middle of
Basingstoke, the only town which seems to have a by-pass running through the middle of it!) stalled the engine and hung over the steering wheel of the car, crying with laughter, unable to move or breath properly, in pain etc.

I know this was a few weeks ago (maybe 900 weeks or so), but I've been a little busy recently.

Anyway; if he could tell me the name of the artists and the title I would be very grateful.


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