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Subject: Mr Adams: Money and you ( 1 of 12 )
Posted by The Duke of Dunstable

Mr Adams,

The following is based on the relevance of the information put on here earlier, about the cost to attend the speach you make today (Welcome to Sweden!) in Írebro. This ionformation says that it costs a single mortal 300 us dollars to get in.

Is this true? And in that case, what's your opinion about it?

My opinion is that is is totally outrageous. No person has anything to say that is worth that obscene amount. I wouldn't (couldn't) pay it even if JFK/Olof Palme/Martin Luther King (take your pick) came back from the dead and summoned a world wide meeting.

Awell, I hope you enjoy your brief stay in a cold and damp Sweden.

The Duke of Dunstable

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