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Subject: The Movie ( 1 of 59 )
Posted by Douglas Adams

I've not been able to say much about what's been happening, because it's continually been sensitive for one reason or another. But a great deal has actually been happening -- in the normal three steps forward, two steps (at least) back fashion.

There are a lot of new developments at the moment, none of which I can share with you. But there is one solid, straightforward piece of good news I can pass on, which is that I finished an all-new draft of the screenplay last week and Jay loves it. It's the first time in all these years that we've had a screenplay which clearly works and seems to solve all the problems of it needing to be both a real version of Hitchhiker and also a proper movie. It's been a very hard circle to square.

There were some anxious postings here about a month back about a leaked script someone had seen. Not my script, nor anything like it. I can't really say anything more than that.

Please be patient. I have to be discreet. Don't believe anything you read here that doesn't come directly from me, especially anything from so-called 'informed, insider sources', most of which belongs in the Half-Witted Crap Forum.

I hope that before long we will be able to set up a new forum here dedicated entirely to the movie, and that Jay and others will make their own contributions to it as well. (Oh, you can believe what you hear from him, as well.)

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