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Subject: Not a fundamentalist ( 1 of 63 )
Posted by Kathleen Adams

I just read the interview with American Atheist. I have no interest in converting anybody, but I'd just like to note some corrections. "Religious" does not equal "fundamentalist." The reason I point this out is that Mr. Adams specifies in his link that this interview is "sure to offend religious fundamentalists." No kidding. Seeing as it basically says (I'm assuming here that the interview has summarized his remarks accurately) that almost all the religious people he knows are elderly and/or ill-educated, and seeing as the clear implication of his remarks is that any modern, thinking person, if he is honest, cannot possibly believe in God, it is obviously offensive to any religious person. You believe what you must, Mr. Adams, but please at least notice that there are a lot of intelligent, honest, thoughtful, religious people out there, and some of us are neither elderly nor lacking in education. Just because you disagree with us doesn't mean we're stupid. Jeez, if I can give atheists the benefit of the doubt, why can't you do the same for religious people?

By the way, I'll still buy Mr. Adams's books, I just won't look to him for life guidance. Which I'm sure, to give credit where it is due, is just fine with him!

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